Prepress Services – Defined and Focused

We provide seamless prepress services from high-end proofing to plate making, ensuring adherence to international certifications and compliances. Maintaining top data security, adopt the latest software, and guarantee accurate specifications and premium quality output.

Our Digital Prepress centre integrates state-of-the-art processing equipment like CTP Heidelberg A105 with complete edge over conventional plate making. Leaping across a generation of printing process, from film image to printing plate, CTP increases sharpness and detail, ensuring better registration and image-to-edge repeatability as opposed to traditional printing process.

MPP’s high-end Apple and IBM workstation ranks amongst the finest in re-touching and colour correction, manipulation, etc with high levels of accuracy. Incorporating full facilities for providing design and artwork services, MPP’s fully equipped studio further enhances the turn-around time supported by Dolev 450 and the latest Flatbed scanner.